Amboseli, Kenya – Serena Lodge,

Serena Safari Lodge is located in the south of the Amboseli.

This is a morning view looking west onto a grassland plain edged by a swamp.


An inviting pool in the summer heat, nestled in some wild date palms.



The walk way from the main reception area down to the rooms. It was overcast the morning I took these photos but the walk was very attractive with many birds and the old vervet monkey.


The walkway down near the end of the walkway has an enchanted wood feel about it.

20160626-D4S_8964 20160626-D4S_8965 20160626-D4S_8966

This is at the entrance to the lodge reception.


Looking out from the dining room.


Looking west onto a small stream and the outer rim of the acacia forest in which the lodge is sited.


The veranda in front of the dining area.

20160626-D4S_8970 20160626-D4S_8971

The entrance to Serena Lodge.


The Serena Lodge was very comfortable and ideal as a base for our daily photographic excursions.