Chobe Safari Lodge

Chobe Safari Lodge is located on the banks of the Chobe river on Botswana’s northern border with Namibia. The lodge is in the outskirts of the town, Kasane.

The spacious dining and lounge area looks onto a large pool, all of which is nestled on the banks of the Chobe river.

This is the timber walkway from the swimming pool area up towards the rooms.

One section of the lodge’s rooms looking out onto a lawn frequented by bushbuck, warthog, baboon, vervet monkeys and banded mongooses. Occasionally at night the hyaenas will visit.

Looking down the walkway from the rooms towards the pool area.

 A wonderful open dining area where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The bar area looking out over the river. The sunsets are superb from here!!!!

Looking from the bar area towards the dining area. People congregate here because it is a wifi hotspot.

Hers  to the left and his to the right!!

The Chobe Safari Lodge is a perfect place for us to launch the photographic boat from and in the middle of the day we can adjourn to the boardroom to edit our photographs amid much banter and mirth.