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Hi there!

If you really like any of the images displayed within this blog, then please feel free to drop me an email.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the images!

~~Under the African Sun~~

Mike Haworth

10 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Hi Mike. My wife and I are going to Mashatu at the end of July and are really looking forward to it. Seeing you photograph and reading about them has really set my mind going. We are both keen amateur photographers who love the wildlife, having done three previous safaris in South Africa. I am desperately hoping that we see the leopards as this is the one big cat I have never seen in the wild. Many thanks for sharing your blog – your photographs are superb. Keith Smith

  2. Congrats Howie Mike Condy certainly wasn’t exaggerating at the 71 Vintage reunion about your work, this is a fantastic site and well visiting not just for your photographic prowess but also the stories/facts that accompany them. Keep up the good work.
    All the best

  3. Your work is gorgeous! I stumbled across your images online which lead me to your webpage, then was so happy to see you are a fellow Zimbabwean artist.
    I am a painter and currently working on flocks of birds and saw your image of the Ellies and the Quelia’s… it is awesome:)
    Best of luck
    Nicole Sanderson

    • Thanks Nicole, I appreciate your comments more so after having looked at your blog. You are very talented and I love the the birds flocking around the human figure and blaze of colour. Now I have met you through the blog I will look out for the flock of birds surrounding animals and let you know when I get some worthwhile images. You might like to see my post on mumurations and the video link embedded in it. The murmurations are exquisite. Have fun, Mike

  4. Hi Mike, browsing through your gorgeous photos has been far more therapeutic than working! Therapy is good! Love Jude x

    • Thank you Jude – I am glad you you find browsing this website therapeutic. I am trying to visually transport people in the cities and other countries out into the African bush. I am also trying to show how much intelligence there is in the natural world which we still have to become aware about. I really enjoyed Mashatu with you and Bill.

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