Mana Pools – Mwinilunga Safari camp

In October 2016 we spent five days in Mana Pools with Wild Eye at the Mwinilunga Safari Camp run by Dave and Tess. Wonderful people operating a bush camp on the banks of the Zambezi river.  The camp was located in a large grove of Natal Mahogany trees which proved to be  much needed shade in day time temperatures above 40 degrees centigrade.


The camp was very comfortable. The food was excellent and the company superb. 

It was so good to be away from civilisation!!!!

There were no fences so the wildlife was free to wander in and out of the camp which is exactly what it did. We saw the elephant and hippo in the camp but the night shift we missed. An active photographic day with all that fresh air is the best recipe for a deep restful sleep, so if the lions and leopard passed by, we never heard them. 

On some mornings, the lions and wild dogs were right next to our camp. These lions were 100 metres beyond the west side of our camp.

The drive out to adventure in the early mornings always had a mid morning stop for coffee and a rusk.

The things you see are just amazing and worthy of deep discussion.

The colours in the warm summer evening air are just sublime.

There were sightings of rare and endangered wildlife.

Remarkable sights!

Life beside the Zambezi river is teaming with activity.

Two bulls returning from their Zambian visit.

Time to wander our way back to camp – drinks, stories and wonderful food to follow.

Time to say goodbye.

Until we meet again ……….