The carnage continues

There are an estimated 19,409 white rhinos and 1,752 black rhinos in South Africa. Since 1970 poachers have killed 90% of the rhino population in South Africa. –




A new record level of rhino deaths was achieved in South Africa in 2014  –  1215.

rhino poaching 2014


If the rhino population in South Africa is currently around 21,000  and the poaching rate in 2014 was a mind-blogging 1215, equates to a poaching rate of 5.8% per annum in 2014. I cannot find the natural death rate statistic for rhino in South Africa but it is probably one to two percent, at least. The combined poaching and natural mortality rate is therefore somewhere between 6.5% and 8.0%. The estimated rhino birth rate is between 6% and 7% per annum. This implies that the rhino population in South Africa, despite all the efforts of so many hardworking dedicated people trying to stop the poaching, is about to resume its decline.

If the current poaching growth trend is not stopped, South Africa will lose 1,460 rhino in 2015 and 1750 in 2016 – on so on and so on!!! 

This escalating level of poaching implies greater numbers of armed gangs in our game parks – the new terrorism!!!!

One thought on “The carnage continues

  1. This is horrendous, Mike! We had some great sightings at the Bush House in Madikwe last year. The fear is that we might not see another one if poaching is not stopped. Thanks for sharing. I’m not going to ‘like’ it but will pass it on to all my Facebook friends,

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