Marvellous Marievale

Marievale 1212 001 Marievale 1212 011 Marievale 1212 014 Marievale 1212 019 Marievale 1212 037 Marievale 1212 038 Marievale 1212 040 Marievale 1212 043

This a selection of shots taken yesterday at Marievale Bird Sanctuary, about one and a half hours drive SE of Johannesburg, South Africa. The variety of waterbirds and grassland birds is superb. At this time of the year the migrants have arrived such as Amur Falcons. The birds displayed here are the Yellow-crowned Bishop, Long-tailed Widowbird (displaying as it is flying), Black-winged Stilt feeding, Squacco Heron taking off, Yellow-crowned Bishop sitting in some beautiful grass and a Wiskered Tern plucking insects off the water surface but doing it in style – cross legged.

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